R Ladies Coding Club

It is clear for everyone that even if nowadays it isn’t about discrimination on sex, there are more guys in programming field than girls. Anyway, this is not a posting about girls in IT or programming field, this is about a awesome team I met a few months ago.

R Ladies Club is a community which is trying to keep people like me and you posted about R programming. Even though the name suggests a community for women, otherwise I see it like a women’s community were guys are very welcome. However, the leadership & mentoring roles within the community are held exclusively by women.

I went at some of their meetups, they are holding both conferences and workshops. They don’t apply any fees for participation and everyone is welcome, you just have to get your ticket from eventbrite (It’s free!!!). Their aim is to encourage, support and ultimately drive the development of our own R skills, through meetups where members tackle hands-on tutorials and exercises to learn specific functionality, or attending relevant external events, building knowledge and experience with each event.

Most of the approached topics include: machine learning algorithms, math & stats, text mining, spatial analysis, data visualization,  etc. You can find more by yourself, by joining the meetup on here.


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