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Logistic Regression (1)

Nowadays, logistic regression is one of the most popular and most widely used classification algorithm. Here are some classification examples when logistic regression can help us: Email: Spam/Not Spam? Online Transactions: Fraudulent (Yes/No)? Tumor: Malignant/Benign? Advertisements

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Normal equation and non-invertibility

Normal equation: What if XTX is non-invertible? (singular/degenerate) R: ginv(X’*X)*X’y from {MASS} Octave: pinv(X’*X)*X’y

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Normal Equation

In this article I want to make a brief introduction to normal equation method. The article is following the Coursera structure, summarizing the following aspects: some theoretical points two practical examples general case advantages and disadvantages between gradient descent and normal equation

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Features and Polynomial Regression

Houses prices prediction Let’s say we want to forecast the price of the house. So, we have two features – the frontage of the house and the depth of the house.

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Gradient descent for linear regression (1)

A very common method used for defining a model and estimating its parameters, it is to minimize model’s errors with Gradient Descend. The Gradient Descent estimates the weights of the model in many iterations by minimizing a cost function at every step.

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